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 II. Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: II. Roleplaying Rules   Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:32 am

  • Posts

    • Quality - I would rather have a short, good post than a longer, messier post. Just make sure that your post can easily be responded to. If you have a hard time deciding what you would respond to your own post, you need to revise it.
    • Quantity - Along with quality you have quantity. All I'm asking for here is a good post with at least 100 words.
    • Language - This site's language is English, so therefor, your post must be in English. If for some reason you want your character to say something in another language, you must provide either an IC translation after you speak or an OOC translation at the bottom of the post.
    • Time - To prevent spamming, you can only make one post every 30 minutes when you're in a topic by yourself. This rule does not apply to topics with two or more people in one.
    • Profanity - The excessive usage of cursing and the usage of derogatory terms must be reported to a staff member and they will deal with it accordingly.
    • PG-13 - Just keep it PG-13 or below.
    • Tense - All of your posts should be in 3rd person, past tense.

  • Threads

    • Quantity - You can only participate in 5 IC threads at a time
    • Location - You can't participate in a thread that takes place in two different lands (i.e. you can't RP in the Land of Lightning and the Land of Wind at the same time, but you can RP in any place inside of it at the same time)
    • Title - The title of your topic shouldn't imply anything inappropriate or say anything inappropriate

  • Metagaming
    • Metagaming is when you take OOC knowledge and apply it to your character. If your character didn't witness something his or herself, they don't know about it. If you are caught metagaming, there will be consequences.

  • God modding
    • God modding is when you control the actions or thoughts of another person's character, which is what you cannot do (unless you're using a jutsu such as shadow imitation.)

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II. Roleplaying Rules
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